Root Canal Therapy Vernon Hills, ILRoot canals are needed when there has been extreme tooth decay, repeated work on the same tooth, trauma to a tooth, or infection to a tooth. Luckily, the root canal procedure has become far less painful and more efficient over the years. Here are the basics of root canals.

What is a root canal?

When a tooth has been significantly damaged by infection or decay, the pulp may need to be extracted. During a root canal procedure, your dentist will make a miniscule hole to access the tooth’s pulp. The pulp, bacteria, and any debris are then removed. The tooth is then filled and sealed to stop infection. A root canal is a preferred method of treating tooth decay, as opposed to removing the tooth completely. It is always best to maintain the original teeth before actual tooth extraction is explored.

Symptoms of an infected tooth

An infected tooth may require a root canal. If you experience a foul taste in your mouth, bad breath that won’t leave after brushing, swollen gums, or severe sensitivity to hot and cold, you may have an infected tooth.

How to know if I need a root canal

If you experience any of the following signs, you may require a root canal: facial swelling, severe sensitivity to cold and hot, tooth discoloration, tenderness when chewing, pain when applying pressure, or the appearance of a pimple on the gums.

How painful is a root canal

Many patients find that a root canal procedure is no more painful than a routine filling. If you feel anxiety or stress about he idea of getting a root canal, speak with your dentist about measures that can be taken to help you feel more at ease.

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