Teeth Whitening Vernon Hills, ILNothing feels better than starting the New Year with a brighter and whiter smile. If your New Years resolutions involve finally getting that raise, a job promotion, or switching careers, a whiter smile can help you. Research shows that those with a whiter smile are perceived as more successful, attractive, friendly, and more likely to get a job offer! Let’s discuss what teeth whitening involves and what it can do for your smile.

Tooth discoloration

Teeth whitening is a non medical procedure used to remove tooth discoloration. Tooth discoloration and stains can be due to aging, trauma to the teeth, tobacco use, excessive fluoride use, coffee, red wine, or other foods and beverages. Much of this discoloration can be removed during regular dental cleanings. Regular dental exams and cleanings can help keep your smile polished and brilliant. For more difficult stains, there is teeth whitening (also known as bleaching) available.

The procedure

Teeth whitening is generally accomplished using one of two ways: in office whitening or an at home whitening kit. If you are looking for fast and dazzling results for your smile, an in office whitening treatment is what you need. An in office treatment uses a bleaching agent combined with a laser or special light. The bleaching process will take thirty minutes to one hour. Prior to your treatment, the dentist will place a protective guard or gel over your gums. Next, a bleaching agent will be applied to your teeth that is typically stronger than a take home bleaching kit. This is because the dentist can closely monitor the bleaching process and watch how it is being used.

An over the counter, or take home kit, differs in that you will need to a apply the bleaching product several times over weeks or months to see your desired results. If you have particularly sensitive teeth, be sure you get a teeth whitening brand that has a lower level of peroxide.

Arrange a consultation

If you are interested in what teeth whitening can do to improve our appearance, call Dr. Steven Hoffenberg today. You can reach our team at (847) 367-6760. This New Year, let us help you achieve a more confident and brighter smile!