Dental Exams & Cleanings Vernon Hills, ILThere are multiple ways that parents help their children. During the school years, it is not uncommon to find a parent in the classroom, on the field, or baking cupcakes for the thousandth time. Parents sit with children as the write papers or work out hard math problems. They may sit with them when they need a shoulder to cry on. These are all important tasks, and yet there are even more ways that parents can lend a helping hand to their student. As a Vernon Hills family dentistry office, we take every opportunity to support our patients. Today, this includes offering specific tips for protecting students’ smiles.

Get out of the Grind

It is so easy for the days to run into one another during the schoolyear. Very little changes from one day to the next and the onslaught of new studies and activities at the beginning of the year can set the stage for months of controlled chaos. Students who are rushed or under stress, which most are, can quickly fall into a grind that sets them up for dental problems.

  • A literal grind may develop without any warning. Students who wake up with a sore jaw are prime candidates for a dental visit to discuss bruxism. This stress-related problem can cause frustration that lingers, but it doesn’t have to. Talk with your dentist about a custom-fit night guard to decrease the force of grinding and clenching.
  • The daily grind of waking up early to eat to rush out the door can quickly lead to dental problems if a student forgets to brush. Even slacking off on the brushing and flossing front, brushing for less than two minutes, invites bacteria to settle in. Reminding students may be a necessary strategy for the parent to implement. Brushing stops bad breath, it keeps teeth looking good, and it also can keep a student from needing fillings or a root canal.

Get into the Groove

Routine dental care is recommended for patients of all ages. Because of the busy-ness of the average school year, it is easy to forget to schedule checkups and cleanings. We say don’t wait! Look ahead to the next school break, and set a time for your student to come in for a routine visit. This way, they can end the school year as strong as they started: with a great smile!