Home Care Vernon Hills, ILProper at home dental care goes hand in hand with regular dental check-ups. One without the other can result in costly and painful dental problems down the road. These tips will help you improve your dental routine to ensure that you are giving your teeth and gums the best care you can provide.

Brush twice a day

Developing and maintaining good dental habits will help you avoid tooth decay, cavities, bad breath, and other dental health issues. Brushing is an integral part of having a successful at home dental routine. Brush twice a day, morning and night. When purchasing a toothbrush, make sure the bristles are soft and rounded at the head. See if the head is the proper size for your mouth so you can reach all of the crevices and spots that need to be brushed. After every 3-4 months, make sure you replace your toothbrush.

If you want, consider using an electric toothbrush. Studies demonstrate that an electric toothbrush that rotates and oscillates is more effective in maintaining full dental health than other toothbrushes or powered toothbrushes.

Use the right toothpaste

The quality of toothpaste you use matters. Fluoride toothpaste is recommended, and some even offer tartar control. This can diminish the speed at which tartar buildup happens.

Use the right angle

When brushing, place the brush at a 45-degree angle where the teeth and gums meet. Using small circular movements, gently move the brush back and forth. Do not scrub! Hard scrubbing can hurt tooth enamel.

Floss at least one a day

The type of floss you use is not as important as the method of flossing you implement. Using an 18-inch piece of floss, wrap one end around your left middle finger and the other end around the middle right finger. Wrap until your hands are about 3 inches apart. Slowly and gently move the floss between your teeth and slide it under the gum line. Slide it up and down several times to get the plaque off.

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