Home Care Vernon Hills, ILFall ushers in a tasty trio of holiday celebrations: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. These dessert and candy packed months are pure joy to children (and many adults), but they bring with them added health cautions. This October, there are several ways you can have a healthy and safe Halloween.

Be careful about how much candy your child consumes

Foods with high doses of sugars, starches, and carbohydrates create plaque that wears away tooth enamel. If left untreated, the presence of plaque can lead to cavities and tooth decay. Halloween puts parents in a tricky situation due to the uptick in candy availability and consumption throughout the month. Be sure to put limits on how much candy your child consumes and help them stick with their daily dental routine. This routine should include brushing morning and night and flossing. Smaller children will need added supervision and assistance.

Know what is in your child’s treat bag

After your child gets home from trick or treating on Halloween night, sort through the loot to be sure the candy is safe to eat. Have an eye out fof loose wrappers or candy that did not come straight from the candy factory. If anything looks suspicious, throw it away. Occasionally you may find some homemade sweets. These are fine if they came from family or close friends.

Watch out for allergens

Now that you’ve tossed out any suspicious candy, look through the candy again for anything that your child can’t eat. For instance, if your child has a peanut or food allergy, make sure the candy they keep doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients. Also, if only one of your children has an allergy, it may be wise to still remove all the offending candy from the trick or treat bags. Children may share and could accidentally give a piece of candy to a sibling that could set off an allergic reaction.

As part of a healthy Halloween, be sure your child has a dental cleaning every six months. Dr. Hoffenberg and Dr. Amin look forward to helping your family maintain their dental health this season. Call us today to schedule an appointment. Our office number is 847-367-6760.