177257483-300x275Do you have any damaged or missing teeth that need replacing? If you do, have you ever thought about replacing them with dental implants? Dental implants are almost like having your own natural teeth back, since they look and function almost as your natural teeth do. There are also many benefits that steam from replacing your damaged or missing teeth with dental implants. The following are the top ten benefits that steam from dental implants:

  1. Can Last a Lifetime- Dental implants are extremely durable and if they are taken care of properly they can last you a lifetime. You should care for your dental implants just as you would care for your natural teeth.
  2. Similar to Natural Teeth- Dental implants are quite comparable to natural teeth. They are highly durable and stable; while also a having natural appearance and functioning like your very own natural teeth would.
  3. Reduces Bone Loss- Having several missing teeth results in empty spaces in between your teeth which can actually lead to health problems, such as jawbone deterioration. Dental implants are the only dental restoration that can preserve and stimulate bone growth.
  4. No Cavities- Since dental implants are made of an artificial material there is no risk for decay. Although a dental implant is not natural, it is still very important to keep proper care of your gums and teeth around it.
  5. Improved Speech- Sometimes having several missing teeth can cause for slurred speech or pronunciation problems. Replacing those missing teeth with dental implants can help with improved speech and pronunciation.
  6. Retain Natural Facial Structure- When you’re missing several teeth it can make your facial profile appear sunk in, saggy, or sad looking. Replacing those missing teeth with dental implants can restore your natural facial profile.
  7. Eat Regularly With dental implants you are able bite into and enjoy all foods without having to think twice your teeth staying in place.
  8. Confidence Booster- Last, but definitely not least, the surge of confidence you’ll gain by restoring your smile!

As you’ve read above, there are many benefits that come from replacing missing teeth with dental implants. If you would like more information regarding dental implants or restorative dentistry, contact Dr. Steven Hoffenberg in Vernon Hills, IL at 847-367-6760 or visit our website at www.stevenhoffenbergdds.com.

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